Annual Meter Audits

Yellowhead Gas will be performing its annual meter audits from November 2019 through March 2020. It is very important and critical in an emergency situations, that we have your most current contact information and are made aware of any access restrictions. You can contact our office at 780-723-4214 or at read more →

Carbon Monoxide Safety

CO is primarily produced by the incomplete combustion of fuels. When these fuels are used in appliances that are properly installed, maintained and vented properly, unsafe levels of CO should not accumulate. If you suspect carbon monoxide is present evacuate the building of all people and pets, contact our emergency line at 1-780-723-4214 or 911. read more →

Safety Tips

Some Guidelines to ensure your meter is safe and accessible: *Don’t tie pets t the meter set. make sure your pets are not a threat to our staff. *Don’t tie or lean things on/to the meter set or piping. *Don’t cover the meter set or piping with additions or decks. read more →

Annual Meter Audits

Yellowhead Gas Co-op Ltd. performs it’s annual meter audits December through February. It’s very important, and critical in emergency situations, that we have your most current information and any access restrictions. read more →

April is Dig Safe Month

As a contractor, homeowner, or landowner, you can save time and money while keeping yourself, your community and your province safe by calling or clicking before you dig! 1-800-242-3447 OR read more →