Billing period is 1st to last day of month. Billing is sent via email or mail within the first 7 days of the month.

Understanding Your Bill

Account Number8 Digits located in tp right-hand corner. This is the number used for online payments. The first 4 digits indicate TAP number.
TAP NumberNatural gas is provided to Yellowhead Gas Co-op Ltd. through various entry points within its franchise area. The point of entry (TAP) is important to your billing statement as there are variations in heat value dependent on the source of the natural gas. These variations in heat value are compensated for on an individual tap basis.
LegalLegal land description
Pressure FactorVaries by installation
Units ConversionThe unit by which imperial measure is converted to gigajoules (metric measure)
TAP Heat ValueThe heat content value of your TAP
Bill DateThe last date of the billing period. Any transactions to the account after this date will not show on your bill.
Amount DueTotal amount owing on your account as of the billing date – a negative amount indicates a credit.
Due DateThe date by which the “Amount Now Due” is payable. A % penalty will be charged after this date.
FromDate from which billing period began
ToDate to which billing period ends
StartMeter read at “from” date in cubic feet
EndMeter read at “to” date in cubic feet
DifferenceEnd red less Start read in cubic feet
MultiplierThe factor calculated using all factors as above
Units BilledThe “difference” multiplied by the “multiplier”
Previous Balance"Current Budget Billing Account Balance is” – this is applicable only to customers who have subscribed to the “Budget Billing” option. A balance is built up in this account during the warmer summer months for supplementation during the winter months. A negative balance indicates an accumulated balance in your account.
Operating ChargeMonthly flat rate charged to operate & maintain the co-op’s distribution system. This is applicable even if the riser is inactive (i.e. no meter) as we must continue to maintain it and provide insurance coverage on it as it represents a liability to the Co-op.
Consumption ChargeThe rate Yellowhead Gas Co-op is charged for gas per gigajoule
Variable ChargeThe cost of delivering gas to the consumer per gigajoule
Carbon LevyThe amount charged for natural gas consumption which is submitted to the provincial government for its 'Climate Leadership Plan'.
Budget BillingThis is applicable only to customers who have subscribed to the “Budget Billing” option. This is the surplus (if positive) or deficit (if negative) that will be added to or subtracted from your budget billing account balance (see “Current Budget Billing Account Balance” above)
Goods and Services TaxG.S.T.
Total Current ChargesThe current month’s billing amount
Amount PaidFillable by the customer – amount to be submitted as payment

Sample Bill

example-billClick thumbnail to see a sample full-size bill for reference.

Mail or e-billing Option

Yellowhead Gas co-op offers both paper (mailed) and paperless (emailed) billing.  E-billing is a fast, economical and secure method of receiving your monthly bill.  In combination with budget billing, pre-authorized debit and automatic meter reading, bill paying is effortless and worry free.

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Budget / Equalized Billing

Budget billing equalizes payments over a period of 11 months by building a credit balance during the summer to offset winter costs.   Payments are calculated based on the forecasted rate of natural gas and historical consumption. Payment amounts may be adjusted during the year as a result of large increases/decreases in the cost of gas or consumption.   Budget billing is available for sign up in May of each year and renews automatically June 1st annually .  If you would like further information or to sign up, please contact Yellowhead Gas Co-op.

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