Complimentary Services

Automatic Meter Reading

  • Meters do not have to be read by customer
  • They are read automatically via flying or driving
  • Members/Customers may be asked to read thier meter from time to time.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

If you have a concern with carbon monoxide, we have monitors that will read CO concentration.
See emergency section on Carbon Monoxide.

Audit/Line Walking

As part of line maintenance, we do regular inspections and line walks of our equipment, meters and gas lines – one of the reasons we require access to your property.

Gas Smell Investigation

Mercaptin is added to natural gas to give it an odor for safety reasons.  If you smell gas or suspect a gas leak inside or outside your home, contact us via telephone anytime at (780)723-4214.  We will investigate as soon as possible.  Natural gas is highly flammable and therefore can be very dangerous when escaping.

See emergency section on “Gas Leak ”

Repair of Lines

Repair of lines up to and including primary gas meter not caused by outside tampering.

Line Locates

Primary and secondary Line Locates through Alberta One Call.

Meter Exchange Program

The meter exchange program removes and tests all gas meters to ensure they are accurate. This is a requirement of the Electricity and Gas Inspections Act. When meters are installed, they are certified for a specific number of years. Before the end of this certification, all meters must be either re-certified or replaced.


Why was the meter at my property chosen to be exchanged?

Meters are chosen based on Measurement Canada’s guidelines.

What is required to complete the exchange?

A Yellowhead Gas Co-op representative will come to your property to remove the existing meter and install a new one. As we change out our meters, we are installing bypass piping to prevent interruption to your gas service. We can relight your appliances after the meter exchange if necessary.  As per your Customer Contract with Yellowhead Gas Co-op, we may not contact you prior to accessing your property to change your meter.  We will, however, leave a notice that we have changed your meter.

If your meter does not yet have a bypass installed, we will contact you to set up an appointment.

What happens if I do not book an appointment?

We recommend scheduling an appointment so we can relight your appliances inside your property and make sure they are operating safely. However, if you do not book an appointment, our service personnel will come to exchange the meter during the non-heating season. A card will be left at your property with a telephone number to call if you’re unable to relight your own appliances.

I suspect my meter may not be working properly, what should I do?

If you have specific concerns about the operation of the meter at your property, please contact Yellowhead Gas Co-op  by telephone or email to discuss.