Board of Directors

List of Directors

The following individuals proudly serve all our members:

Baudin, Louise
Bird, Donelle
Birkenhagen, James
Buck, Garfield
Fossheim, Joanne
Gohmann, Michael
Holroyd, Dave
Karlzen, Jody
Williams, Jack

Director Nomination Procedures

The Yellowhead Gas Co-op is dedicated to providing natural gas to its members safely, efficiently and cost-effectively and has been doing so since 1973. In order to accomplish these goals, the Co-op needs a strong, dedicated Board of Directors.

Thank you for your interest in applying to join our Board. By doing so, you are making a commitment not only to the Yellowhead Gas Co-op but the entire cooperative movement as well. As a Director, you will be asked to attend the monthly board meeting and serve on two (or more) Board Committees (Salary and Employee Liaison, Planning and Development, Policy, Finance, Budget and Audit).

You can expect to spend two hours per Board meeting per month. Committee meetings are held as needed and also last two hours. Generally speaking, a commitment of four to eight hours per month (for reading, preparation, travel and meeting attendance) will meet your obligations to the Board. New members will be required to attend an orientation session at the Co-op office. Our umbrella organization, the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops, organizes two zone meetings and a convention annually. The Co-op encourages attendance at these. As well, educational development courses are often available and directors are encouraged to enroll.

Eligibility Guidelines

A member of the Yellowhead Gas Co-op is eligible to be nominated for election as a director if:

  1. The member is “in good standing”.
  2. The member is not an employee of the Association or an employee of a company under contract to the Association.
  3. The member’s spouse or common-law partner is not a permanent employee or director of the Association.
  4. The member or the member’s spouse or common-law partner is not a director, officer or employee of other institutions or businesses that are engaged in activities similar to the activities of the Association.
  5. The member is in agreement with, and is prepared to sign, a commitment letter to adhere to the Directors Handbook for Rural Gas Utilities.
  6. The member is declared by the board nominations committee to be eligible to be nominated for election.

Code of Ethics

All elected and appointed members of the board of directors of the Yellowhead Gas Co-op are expected to read and fully comprehend the Co-op’s Code of Ethics

Yellowhead Gas Co-Op Director Code of Ethics

In summary, the selection process is as follows:

1. Complete the application and return to the Co-op office at least 60 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
2. If requested, meet with the nominations committee.
3. Attend the Annual General Meeting at the offices of the Yellowhead Gas Co-op