Schedule of Rates

2024 Approved Rates & Charges

Commercial ContractContact the office for rates.NSF Charge$45.00
Maintenance of Idle Service Contract$168.00+GSTRenter Deposit - Mobile Home Park Only$300.00
Missed Read, Hand Delivery Fee$75.00+GSTDocument Re-Print / Download Charge25.00+GST
Monthly Fixed Charge$28.00+GSTCaveat Registration Fees$22.00+GST
Monthly Large Meter Fixed Charge$60.00+GSTRegistered Letter$30.00+GST
Penalty Charge on Overdue Accounts2%Disconnected Service Fee
(Plus, all associated charges)
Rural Gas Contract$8900.00+GSTMeter Reconnect Fee
(Lock Off)
Serviceman Rate$90.00+GSTEmergency Response Charge (ERC)$2000.00+GST
Urban Gas Contract$5250.00+GSTRental Contract Transfer Fee$75.00+GST
Variable Rate/GJ$1.49+GSTLand Title Search Fee *$15.00+GST
After Season Construction Rate$1500.00+GSTInterest Rate on Infill Financing6%
Vehicle Charge Out Rate/KM$1.00+GST