What is Natural Gas?

  • Natural gas is an energy source composed mostly of methane.
  • Natural gas is said to be odorless, but some people detect a slight hydrocarbon smell. If the gas is odorized, it may smell similar to rotten eggs.
  • Natural gas is highly flammable and explosive.
  • Natural gas is lighter than air and can displace oxygen.


Why Natural Gas?

Natural Gas is the best choice for cost savings, reliability and comfort! Natural Gas is a versatile Energy Source and there are many advantages in using it for your Home or Business.

1. Convenient, Consistent, Reliable
With natural gas you’ll never run out of fuel. Underground pipelines ensure that storms or power outages will not disrupt supply. Unlike other heat sources that leave ashes and odours, natural gas will never leave a mess. You’ll love the convenience natural gas adds to your home – from instant, cozy heat to precision cooking. Natural gas is carried through an underground pipeline. It’s there when you need it –no arranging for deliveries or running out of fuel.

2. Versatile
Natural gas can be used for central and water heating, clothes drying, cooking, fireplaces, and more. It can also be used outdoors for barbecuing, gas lighting firepits and even to heat your swimming pool or hot tub.

3. Cost Effective
Natural gas can save you money. See the Energy Comparison Chart on our website for more information.

4. Safe
Natural gas is one of the world’s safest sources of energy used by over 15 million Canadians to heat their homes and businesses. The energy source is piped directly to the customer’s facility through the safe, efficient pipeline system. An odorant is added to natural gas by the provider so that it can easily be detected.

5. Environmental Benefits
Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel. Because the combustion process for natural gas is almost perfect, very few byproducts are emitted into the atmosphere as pollutants.

6. Abundant Domestic Production
There is a secure supply of natural gas in Canada.

7. Easier, More Affordable Maintenance
Clean burning natural gas heating equipment means less maintenance and fewer repairs over time.

8. Increased Resale Value of Your Home
Adding natural gas service and appliances to your property will increase its re-sale value.